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Savannah shows her husband a fat black cock upclose - Savannah has broken her sad little husband down completely, and he loves it. He does anything she asks for, and today it's time to swallow a big black cock. Her husband is the perfect cuckold and is more than willing to do whatever she needs. The surprise today is he has to eat that black man's load right out of her creampied pussy.

Sophie gets her husband to suck her toes as she lover fucks her - Sophie is young, cute, and fit. Her bitch assed husband is another story. She can't hardy stand to be around him so making him watch his wife get pounded by another man is the perfect punishment. She is going to show him just how much a real cock can make her cum.

Jessie makes her husband watch as her lover fucks her - Janice is done... this is the end. She is making a farewell video to her husband while fucking two other guys. But when her husband walks in the plans change. Its time to tape him being her little cock slave. Lets see what he will do to stay with this sexy woman.

Jessie makes her husband watch as her lover fucks her - Jessie's husband knows his wife is a total slut. He thinks its best to see someone about it. It backfires on him and the doctor ends up fucking his wife. When he complains too much, she forces him on the cock. That's what happens when you tell your slut wife you need help.

Adrians shows her husband how a real man fucks - Cameron knows he is not man enough for his wife. He decides to find a real man to fill her aching pussy. So during a massage he blindfolds her and brings in a real man. How could a wife not be happy with a gift like that?

Casey Calvert makes her husband suck a cock - Casey sends her sad-sack husband Chris to the ghetto to find a dark black guy with a huge cock. Chris being the good sissy he is finds just the right guy to fuck his wife while he watches. However today Casey has a different plan... Chris is also going to have to worship that black cock and taste the seed it bears.

Veruca shows hubby a real cock - Sorry bro, you just found out - you're not enough. You're not enough man for this sexy young woman. You couldn't please her with that small sad penis even if you had a penis pump and all the boner pills in the world. To top it off, its not even black. That woman you think loves you… just wants huge black cock. So the question is - are you going to join in, or break up?

Sophia needs a real cock and finds a lover - Sophia is so stressed out her husband Marcelo decides to take her for a couples massage, however this room only has one table. Marcelo is told to go to Cabana 1 for his massage. While he is gone Sophia gets a little more than Marcelo can offer, and she likes it. When her husband returns to see what is going on - she puts him right to work. Sucking cock and licking ass is the only pleasure poor Marcelo will get today.

Alana loves a large black cock - Alana has a gay home decorator - or so her husband thinks. As soon as her husband can't stand hearing about drapes and remodels, Alana and the decorator get to fucking. When he walks back in and sees the real deal, she forces him to suck the big black cock and watch her get pounded. When she feels he has done a good job, she gives him a little treat at the end.

Amanda makes her husband watch her suck cock - Amanda's husband just found out he blew through all of daddy's money. When Amanda hears the news, she decides her husband needs to learn a lesson. Maybe if he has to watch her fuck another guy, he won't take money so lightly. Maybe if he is forced to suck some dick and balls, he will think more about investments. Maybe if he is forced to eat another man's jizz, he will hold on to daddy's money.

Bianca shows her husband how to suck a black cock - Marcelo can't keep his finances in order, so he borrows some money from the wrong guy. When his wife finds out how much she owes, she figures why not at least work of some of the interest and get some black cock at the same time. Marcelo thinks the only thing he can do is watch this happen, but Bianca has other plans for her sissy husband. Before he knows it Marcelo is on cock clean up, and if he wants to stay married - he better do a good job.

Ashley shows her hubby a large white cock - Ashley hires a P.I. to figure out where her husband is spending all his money. Turns out her husband is watching shaved teen cams online and not fucking his hairy and womanly wife anymore. Once she find this out that P.I. she hired may just have to be her new fuck toy. He will understand what a real woman needs. Her husband is just going to have to watch, and if he gives her any lip - she will fill it with P.I. cock. I guess it sucks to get busted.

Anna makes her hubby suck a real cock - Anna loves fucking her ripped fuck-buddy Christian, and he can't get enough of her. The one thing Christian can't understand is why her pussy husband has to watch. Anna has to explain just how much of a pussy her husband wants to be. That he really wants to try sucking a man off. Christian gives in because that pussy is so good, and everyone is happy.

Courtney shows her hubby a nice white cock - Jimmy and Wolf think they know everything about sports, but Courtney is about to school them. Its a sucker's bet in more ways than one as they are about to learn. Courtney turns the tables and makes them do ANYTHING she asks for - including deep throat lessons for her husband. Awe - don't be a sore loser Jimmy, after all her pussy will be sore enough for both of you after this bet.

Mena fucks a black cock while her husband watches - Marcelo knows his small sad cock can never please his lovely Asian wife. He knows if he wants to stay married his best chance is to give her what she needs. Today she needs a nice black cock to fill her little pussy, and Marcelo's mouth to clean up all the cum. It may not be Marcelo's favorite thing to do, but it is the best that he can do.

Chase shows her little husband a large cock - Christian has a day off from being a judge on the reality show American Singer, so he hangs out with his old friend Jimmy. Little does Jimmy know Christian has been fucking his wife for months, and she is pregnant with his child. When Jimmy asks how this could happen, they decide to show him... by fucking right in front of him. When Jimmy complains too much they shut him up by gagging him with cock.

Skylar shows her husband a real white cock. - Skylar is trying to enjoy her tropical vacation, but her cheap husband doesn't want to spend a dime. When it comes time to tip the room service, she decides to tip him with a blowjob. When her cheap husband complains she forces him to tip too, and ?lls his mouth with hard cock. Soon enough she shows him how much better a big cock is, and how worthless he is in bed, other than his mouth. Check out time is noon, how many times will Skylar get her groove back before then?

Kimberly gets her pussy fucked by the repairman - Jimmy is afraid the garage door repair man is going to over charge him. So he sends his wife in to make a deal. She is sick of making deals for Jimmy, and decides to get something for herself. She tempts Jason to cut the price by offering her tight Armenian pussy up. Kimberly offers Jimmy's bitch mouth up too, not the deal he wanted - but he has no better offer!

Tegan humiliates her husband with her lovers cock - Tegan is planning her perfect wedding. Little does the wedding planner know that part of that plan is to fuck his brains out, right in front of her husband. Things seem to shift gears when Tegan makes her husband suck that big black cock, and taste his salty balls. The only thing white about this wedding is the black man's cum her husband has to eat off her ass.

Jessica gives her rental agreement - Renting a guest house with your wife seems like a good value. That is unless your new landlord is offering deals your wife's pussy can't pass up. She is sick of your tiny little cock, and needs to feel a huge black cock fill her hole. Maybe just maybe if you keep his salty balls clean, he'll throw in a parking space for you?

The Pool Guy Strikes Again - Sometimes its the pizza guy fucking wives, sometimes its the delivery guy. Today its the pool guy, and he is just the right fit with his big black cock. Riley is going to make him hit all the right spots while Jimmy is forced to watch and suck the pool guys cock. The pool guy may only make twenty dollars an hour, but getting to fuck the pussy he gets in the pool house is priceless.

Workout and Jerk-Out! - Jimmy loves watching his petite wife Cali with her new trainer, so much so that he wants to see her fuck him. Cali is ready to feel some real big dick, so she agrees, with some ideas of her own. Jimmy doesn't know Cali wants to see him suck a real cock. She forces him to take his cock deep in his little bitch mouth and even eat his load. Then when all is said and done, she makes Jimmy jerk his tiny cock and eat his own cum.

Kristen Fucks an exta cock - Kristen Jordan gets tired of working out for her piece of shit husband. So she decided to fuck her trainer's big dick. Her husband catches them, but she isn't having of his bullshit. She forces him to watch as she loves on her new lover's cock.

Averi Brooks find a new lover - Averi Brooks is bored with her husband's tiny dick,so she finds a new lover and declares they're in an open relationship. Then she forces her husband to suck her new lover's cock and lick up his cum.

Put up your Dukes - Jamie's husband is fed up with her bringing random cock home. He decides to workout, and try to fight these guys off her woman. But when Jason comes in he soon sees he is way out matched. Not only in muscles, but in cock size. So as always... he will have to sit back and let her get her fuck on.

Lallasa Slobbers All Over that Big Black Cock - Lallasa feels trapped in her own home. Her husband has been keeping her pussy hostage with his tiny worthless pecker. Its time to break free and find a nice black man to save her from that tiny pecker. Instead of calling the cops, she calls for cocks and Wesley fills every need she has.

Nina Lopez and Her Husband Share a Big Dick - Nina's husband found some emails about "black ops" on her computer. Now Nina is trying to convince her dimwit husband that she believes is all sorts of conspiracy theories. But the only black ops she cares about are between the legs of black men. She comes clean to her husband and forces him to watch a real life black op. This isn't black hawk down, it's black cock down; her throat and pussy that is.

Nikki Seven Shoves Her Husband Throat Down a Dick - Nikki has a real creepy husband. He just can't keep his cock in his pants, and when he takes it out he blows his weak load too fast. It's finally time for her to get a real good fucking from a real man. Wolf fills that pussy and description to a "T". Guess where she wants the cum?

Jenna Mynx Shares a Big Black Cock with Her Hubby - Jenna gets her husband a job at her massage studio, and today is the day she shows him the "ropes". He is shocked to find out she is fucking guys all day, but even more shocked when she makes him join in and blow some black cock. The economy is rough... get to sucking.

Zoey Nixon and Her Husband Share a Big Fat Cock - Cam spends all his time being a loser ex pro skater. His wife Zoey can't put up with it anymore so she finds a real man to kickflip in her tight pussy, and forces her loser boy to suck his real big dick for her. She shows him there is more in life than riding a silly skateboard.

Natalie Moore Has Her Pussy Pounded by Big Black Dick - Natalie is feeling like her workouts need a major tweak. She sees a doctor who tells her to bring in the big guns. Sean Michaels comes over and gives her a workout that makes more than wetness than just sweat. Her husband Johhny is forced to watch Doctor Sean make her squirt all over.

Carmen Callaway Shoves Her Husband's Face Down that Cock - If Jimmy can't fuck his wife Cameron right, at least he can build a massage table for Wolf to pound her out on. Cameron forces Jimmy to watch and clean up all the action. The only screw Jimmy is going to get today is the one he used to build the table.

Jasmine Gomez and Her Cuck Hubby Share a Black Cock - Jasmine found that the best way to get her husband motivated was take him by the balls and demand his attention. That's why, when he seemed to refuse to give her what she wanted, Jasmine simply did what came naturally to her: she found a man that had no problem kissing her ass! And to teach her limp dick spouse an object lesson, Jasmine had him watch every single stroke!

Belle Noire and Her Husband Share a Big Dick - Belle had acquiesced to her husband's unusual request to have another man stick his dick between her legs. Now Belle had a request of her own! Belle wanted to see her sissy husband goes balls deep on the strange man that was bringing her so much pleasure! Just the thought of her husband gagging and choking on that big dick was almost enough to make her cum; it was time to give her exactly what she wanted and Belle was not accustomed to being told no...

Emily Austin Gets Slammed by a Black Cock - When it comes down to it, all Marcelo really wanted was to be able to watch as the woman he loved became a mother. He wanted to watch her belly grow over the months and he wanted to watch her bring a beautiful child into the world. Sure, in his dreams Marcelo imagined that the child would be his, but that just wasn't going to be the case. In any event, Marcelo was just glad to be included when his wife decided to become a mommy!

Selena Rios Makes Her Husband Suck a Black Dick - Selena couldn't wait for that magic moment, the moment where that big black hose sprayed its precious cargo deep into her eager pussy and planted a strong black baby in her belly. Never, not even for a second, did she ever consider letting her lily-white sissy husband do the honors of impregnating her. But her husband can do the honor of licking up any of the baby batter that happens to leak out!

Zoey Paige and Her Husband Share a Fat Dick - Zoey couldn't believe her good luck! On one hand, she had her devoted, spineless husband doing all of her homework for her. On the other, she had her super-hot classmate giving her up close and personal help with her own anatomy! Zoey couldn't imagine a better scenario; soon, she'd be a nurse and it was all going to happen thanks to the hard work and dedication of the men who adored her. She wouldn't even have to lift a finger!

Trinity Shoves Her Husband's Mouth Down a Big Black Dick - Trinity has been waiting all week for her massage; just the though of her feet being worshipped while a monster cock assaults her pussy is enough to get Trinity's panties dripping wet. But today Trinity has a little surprise for her sissy husband! Today, Trinity is going let that big black dick blow its load deep inside of her, where her husband is going to have to work if he's going to lick up every last drop!

Tinslee Reagan's Hubby Takes that Black Dick Out and Sucks It - While Tinslee explained just exactly how her husband Johnny had fucked up this time, she spread her legs and let her fuck buddy Robert jam his tasty black cock between her legs. And while Johnny was only to happy to apologize for his perceived transgression, he never really got the chance to do so; you see, every time Johnny opened his mouth to say that he was sorry, Tinslee simply shut it for him again by shoving Robert's cock into Johnny's sissy mouth! Better luck next time, Johnny!

Laela Pryce Shares a Fat Cock with Her Pathetic Husband - Marcelo couldn't believe what he was seeing! Right there, right in his own living room, his pretty wife Laela was eagerly spreading her beautiful legs and letting a complete stranger jam his cock into her lady larts! Sure, the guy admittedly was much better looking than Marcelo and he was certainly hung quite a bit longer, but Marcelo didn't think that warranted such a heart-breaking desecration of his marriage! Of course, Laela completely disagreed!

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