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Taylor V. - SIMPLE WISHES: We all have simple wishes… and Taylor is no exception. Her simple wish is to be touched to the point that the pleasure is just too much. Since there's no one in her life right now to do that for her she has, thankfully, taken it upon herself to do so. And when you think about it, who knows better than she as to what makes her feel most pleasure? You won't hear us arguing! : ) After a slow and sensuous beginning of gently massaging her sweet pussy, Taylor introduces her favorite toy into the mix and things start to really get intense for her. She cums so hard that she forgets where she is and gets lost in the pleasure. Wish fulfilled, we'd say. We hope you enjoy watching her fulfill her wish as much as she did fulfilling it. : ) Enjoy!

Alexis T., Richard L. - DAY AT HOME: There's nothing like a day at home… especially when it's with someone as sexy as Alexis! She knows what she wants… and what she wants is her man. Thankfully, this vivacious and voluptuous  gal usually gets what she wants… and Richard is happy to oblige! : ) After going down on him, it's not long before she mounts him and starts riding him… but that's only the beginning. It's not long before Richard turns her over and spends some quality time licking her sweet pussy before taking her from behind. Eventually, he turns her over and she decides to take matters into her own hands - literally - as she starts rubbing her beautiful clit with him inside her. We won't spoil it for you, but let's just say he doesn't need to do anything but be inside her as she rubs her way to a beautiful climax. We hope you enjoy this day at home as much as they did! Enjoy!

Caprice - Sweet Pleasure: Adorable, sexy Caprice is always ready for pleasure, and this time is no exception. She needs no convincing and is very capable of giving it to herself which she happily does here. Starting slowly, she gently caresses her tight, sweet pussy, making it wetter and wetter as her fingers get deeper and deeper. No matter what the position, she manages to find just the spot to make herself feel so good. She knows she's gonna cum, the only question is when. We won't spoil it for you though... you'll just have to come in and see for yourself. Enjoy!
ritten on the wrun

Ben, Misty S. - Inside Paradise: It was a bit colder that day than Ben expected, but as soon as Misty joined him, things started to warm up very nicely. And as things progressed, things started to get hot…. really hot. Misty is definitely not shy, and has no problem taking charge of a situation… and she does just that with Ben… with his complete consent. : ) Whether she is going down on him or riding him, or being taken from behind, Misty is open to anything and Ben is happy to be the one she is being open with. We won't spoil it for you, but, needless to say, Ben is quite warmed up by the end of this. Just another day inside paradise. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did.

Gina V. - Fingerplay: If there's one thing Gina knows, it's her own body… and how to make it feel good. She's had a lot of years to practice, and enough partners to know exactly what turns her on, every single time. At first, she likes it slow and soft… then a little quicker, but not too much. She keeps her fingers wet, then adds a few for greater pleasure as she picks up the pace a little bit. She's so sexy and watching her experience pleasure in this way makes her even sexier. But it's when she turns over that things start to get really intense as she rubs her sweet pussy quicker and quicker. The only word that comes to mind to describe it is… glorious. We hope you enjoy some fingerplay with Gina. We know she did! Enjoy! 

Ariel, Miela - Cute Pussies: When it comes to cute pussies… Ariel and Miela have two of the cutest. And they are both enjoying each others here… and it is so very hot. They really know hot to please each other and they do it so well. Maybe it's because they like each other so much. Whatever the reason, we are happy to witness it. Watching how Ariel uses her tongue and fingers on Miela's cute pussy is such a turn on. The same goes for Miela. Ariel's pussy is just as cute and Miela makes sure to return the pleasure. We won't spoil it for you, but let's just say both of these cute pussies get what they want. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did. :)

Ben, Ivy - First Sex: Ivy and Ben cannot get their eyes and obviously also not their hands off each other. They have some dirty talking going on and we notice they could not wait anymore until they had the chance to cum together for their first time. The way Ivy looks at him when he's on top of her… slowly moving in and out of her beautiful pussy… it's a sight to see. Luckily, Ben gets to see that sight whenever he wants to… and you get to see it too!

Allie J., Kiara D. - CARPET RIDE: Allie and Kiara can have fun with each other anywhere… but when it comes to straight ahead pleasure, there's nothing doing it on the floor - and a plush carpet only adds to that pleasure. Watching them go down on each other… licking each other's sweet pussy… is so sexy. But once the little toy comes out… and goes in… things get really intense. Once they change positions and eat each other out 69 style… well, we won't spoil it for you. You'll just have to come in and see it for yourself. Let's just say they both had a great ride. Enjoy! : )

Alysa, Carmen C. - Sex on a Yacht: Of course, sex anywhere with the beautiful and sexy Alysa and Carmen would be great. Sex on a yacht, overlooking the water on such a beautiful day is only icing on the cake as these two don't need anything but each other to have a good time… and a good time is exactly what they're here to have… and they enjoy every second of it - and use as many positions as they need to give, and get, as much pleasure as possible. Watching hese two beautiful babes rub and lick each other's sweet pussy is so sexy - and watching them cum is even sexier! We hope you enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed each other. 

Katie G. - Stormy Passions: We all have passions. Some are passionate about nature, others about cars, movies, food… you name it. Katie is passionate about feeling good… especially in nature. There's something about being outside, in the woods, near the water, that makes Katie come alive - and want to feel alive because of it. She'd prefer someone be with her, but when that's not the case, she is more than happy to pleasure herself when the mood strikes her - which is often. : ) She's got all the time in the world and nowhere else to be… and wouldn't want to be anywhere else either. She has all the time she needs to focus on her sweet pussy and commune with nature in the best way she knows how. The fact that a storm is brewing only makes her more exited - as you will see. We hope you enjoy Katie's stormy passions as much as she did. Enjoy!

Alysa, Ben, Gina V. - Dinner for Three: Dinner for two is nice, but dinner for three is even better… especially when no one all that interested in dinner in the first place - not when the sexy and sultry Alysa and Gina V are two of the main courses. : ) Ben sure has his hands full… and he likes it that way. Getting pleasured by one, while pleasuring another… it doesn't really get any better than that. Well, ok, maybe it does, as Gina starts riding him while Alysa plays with Gina's sweet, tight pussy. Yeah, it does get better… and keeps getting better. We won't ruin it for you… but let's just say the evening was very satisfying. Enjoy!

Gina V., Misty S. - Double Pussy: Gina and Misty really like each other. More specifically, they like giving each other pleasure, and getting it. So much so that they planned a little get away for that very reason. No phones, no appointments, no schedules, just pleasure. Just fun… and what fun they had. With nowhere else to be, they take their time with each other… slowly and gently licking each other's sweet pussies, making sure to satisfy every inch with the most pleasure possible. Generously, they trade places and return the pleasure until finally getting each other off in the hottest, most exiting of ways. We won't spoil it, but let's just say they are both very glad they took this time together. We hope you enjoy watching them get off as much as they did. Enjoy!

Shyla - Deep Vibrations: It's good to like oneself. We know Shyla does, and isn't shy about showing it. She really takes her time here, making sure not to miss any opportunity to feel everything she wants to and can. Watching her caress her sweet pussy so slowly and gently is such a turn on. But it doesn't end there. She made sure to bring her favorite toy that is sure to take her to the next level… and it does. We won't say anymore right now…let's jus say that between her toy and her fingers, the good vibrations are sure to flow. : ) Enjoy!

Alysa, Richard L. - Joyride: Alysa and Richard just can't keep their hands off each other… and who can blame them? Especially when Alysa walks around looking like that! : ) Thankfully, she wastes no time getting down… to business… and Richard is more than happy to comply. Richard can't wait either and gets inside as soon as he can. Alysa wants it that way so there's no problem there. These two have real passion between them and they enjoy every second they have together… in as many positions as possible. We won't spoil it for you though… you'll just have to see it for yourself. So come on in and enjoy the joyride… we know they did… : ) 

Ben, Carmen C., Misty S. - Perfect Trio: Ben and Carmen always have a good time together, but that doesn't mean they're not open to trying new things, or new people. So, when Misty walked in on this sexy couple having a good time, they were more than happy to have her join in on the fun. You certainly won't hear Ben complain as both girls take turns going down on him… but that's only the beginning as the roles soon reverse and Carmen and Misty both take turns taking his hard cock. But we won't spoil it for you… let's just say this ends up being satisfying for everyone involved. We hope you enjoy it as much as they certainly did. : ) 

Caprice, Miela - Two for Love: Sometimes, we just want what we want… and this time, Caprice wants Miela. And who could blame her? Thankfully, Miela feels the same. : ) At first, Caprice takes total control and uses her finger and tongue on Miela's tight, sweet pussy… taking her time, making sure to not miss an inch, and watching Miela enjoy every second of it. Eventually though, the tables turn, and Miela is the one doing the pleasing - and boy does she please. Caprice is overwhelmed with surprise and pleasure and… well, we won't ruin it for you… you'll just have to see it for yourself. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did. Enjoy!

Gina V., Misty S. - Steps of Pleasure: Gina and Misty are all by themselves… what to do? Well, since both are always horny, there's only one thing to do and that's get naked and have some fun… something these two sexy babes have no problem doing! These two really turn each other on, and it shows. Watching them lick each other's pussies, vibrating with pleasure, is so hot. Every moment is pure pleasure when they are close to each other. Slowly, but surely, they bring each other to a climax and the result is explosive. Come in and see for yourself where these steps of pleasure lead to. Enjoy! :)

Carmen C., Misty S. - SWEET LIKE CANDY: Carmen and Misty have been waiting to spend some alone time with each other for quite a while. Finally, they got their chance and they're not wasting a second of it. Slowly and sensually, they explore each other's gorgeous bodies, enjoying every moment as much as they can. Pretty soon, things start to get intense as Carmen's sweet pussy starts to get explored… a lot. Things start to get really hot as Carmen returns the favor and both of these sexy ladies get their fill of pleasure and passion until Misty decides to turn up the heat even more and… well, we won't spoil it for you… you'll just have to see it for yourself. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did… enjoy! 

Alysa, Ben - Lust in Paradise: It's always paradise when Alysa is around - especially for Ben. And there is always lust as well. It's just after lunch (yes, that's what she wears to lunch) and Alysa is quite horny. She usually get what she wants, and what she wants is to get fucked…. and Ben is more than happy to satisfy her needs. It doesn't take much to get them exited - but that doesn't keep them from doing so - and Alysa mounts her man as soon as possible… riding him hard and fast… and it only get hotter from there. We won't spoil it for you, and you'll be glad we didn't as the heat is really turned up on this paradise island vacation for these two sexy lovers. It really is paradise here… come in and see for yourself!

Alysa, Misty S. - HOT BOAT TRIP: We decided to have a day off together with sexy Alysa and Misty and relax on the water for a few hours… and those hours were filled with mostly one thing… pleasure. They can hardly keep their hands off each other. Can you blame them? : ) They definitely know what makes the other person feel good and waste no time getting to it. No matter what the position, you can be sure these girls are having fun as their sweet pussies get all the attention they deserve. Come on in and see for yourself just how hot this boat trip really is. You'll be planning a trip yourself! : ) Enjoy!

Candy B. - HOT TOY: Candy sure is sweet… the model that is… and in this very sexy and sultry video, she takes her sweet time. Once she gets going through, she turns from sweet to hot… the sexy kind of hot. She uses her special toy to great affect, in several positions… always searching for the most pleasure possible…. and she definitely succeeds. But we won't ruin it for you… you'll just have come in and see it for yourself. It's quite a treat. A sweet, and sexy treat. We hope you enjoy watching her use her hot toy as much as she did using it. Enjoy!

Jennifer W. - Wake-up Masturbation: Jennifer wakes up horny and finds her hands right where she likes them. "There's no time like the present" she thinks, so she lets her hands do what they do best... and the pleasuring begins. She rubs her sweet tight pussy in ways only she knows how, taking her time, touching all the right places. She knows what feels good to her and she makes sure not to miss any of it. Eventually, she puts her fingers in and really starts feeling good. We won't ruin it for you, but let's just say... it's a good morning for her...: ) Come on in and see for yourself how Jennifer likes to wake up in the morning...

Caprice, Miela - Crazy Afternoon: When these two get together… it's always crazy… crazy sexy! Just pt them in the same room and the sparks start flying. They're really into each other, and it shows. Soft and tender at first, they kiss and caress each other… making their juices flow even more. It's not too long though before Miela decides to go down on Caprice's sweet, sweet pussy… and Caprice has no complaints! : ) Pretty soon, they switch places and Caprice returns the favor. Those big swinging chairs don't seem to hamper either girls from being able to zone right in on where the other likes it most. Eventually, Caprice joins Miela in the chair and what transpires is not to be missed. We won't spoil it for you… let's just say this crazy afternoon just keeps getting better and better… enjoy!

Miela - LITTLE MISS MORNING: Miela likes to have a little fun in the morning, and while she's waiting for her laundry to be done, she figures she has just enough time to do that. And she doesn't waste any time either. She grabs her favorite toy and gets started right away. She must have woken up exited because it doesn't take long for her sweet pussy to get very wet. All she needs is the right position and her morning ritual will be complete. Just a little more… just a little more… that's it… she finds the spot and… well, we'll let you see it for you yourself. Let's just say her day just got a whole lot better. :) Enjoy!

Ariel - Red Hot Ariel: Fiery redheaded Ariel is many things… beautiful, sexy, smart, funny… and hot. Maybe it's having all those qualities that makes her hot? Or maybe it's just that she's hot? It's probably a mixture of the two. Either way, whatever she does is just plain sexy and watching her give herself some pleasure is even sexier as she plays with her sweet pussy. Watching her play with herself is such a turn on. She really knows her body and what feels the best… taking her sweet time to make sure she experiences every bit of it. But it's when she gets in the water that things start to get get really hot. We won't spoil it for you though… let's just say she's even hotter at the end of this… come on in and see why… :) Enjoy!

Gina V., Ivy - Bath for Two: There's nothing like a bath for two - especially when it involves two sultry sexy babes like Gina and Ivy. These really need a good relaxing bath and both are ready to help in the "relaxing" department. What starts off slow and sensual eventually turns into hot and intense as these two go back and forth giving each other exactly the kind of pleasure they've both been craving… leading to a climax that is sure to satisfy. So come on in and see for yourself what these two sexy babes manage to do to each other in their private bath for two. Enjoy!

Candy B. - Sundowner: There's just something about that time of day when the sun starts to go down… and it's Candy's favorite time to relax and be with herself. With no one around to distract her she really has the opportunity to focus on herself and give herself the pleasure she wants and needs. Watching her rub her beautiful pussy is so hot. She really knows what makes her feel good and is really good at it too… which helps a lot! :) Sure, she's prefer to have someone there with her, but when that's not the case, she has no problem taking care of herself and using this wonderful time of day to satisfy herself… which she does. Come on in and see for yourself how Candy spends this time of day. Enjoy!

Kiara D. - GIRL TIME: Every girl knows, there's nothing like a little girl time. And every guy knows… there's nothing like a little girl time! :) And when that girl is the ever so sexy Kiara, well, it's extra special. Kiara knows her body very well… where to touch, when to rub… all necessary for the pleasurable experience she is seeking. Watching her rub her sweet pussy is so sexy. She really knows what she likes, and it shows. In fact, she knows herself so well that she gets lost in her own pleasure…. it's very exiting. Come on in and see for yourself how Kiara uses her girl time to achieve some very satisfying results. Enjoy! :)

Carmen C. - Art of Squirt: If there's one thing Carmen knows, it's how to make herself cum - and there's no mistaking it when she does! This sexy beauty squirts when she climaxes and it is a beautiful site to see… and getting there is just as beautiful! : ) Using her favorite toy of the day, and her fingers, of course, Carmen uses all of her skill and sensitivity to achieve what she calls "pure bliss". "When I'm cumming, I can't think of anything… I just explode. It's wonderful." Yes, Carmen, it is wonderful. And we're so glad to be able to capture that wonderfulness and bring it to you. We hope you enjoy the sexy and beautiful Carmen C. as she demonstrates the art of squirt - we know she did! :)

Alexis T. - FINAL ECSTACY: Alexis T. can be a real tease… and we love her for it! What a sexy beauty she is. The way she plays with her beautiful, sweet pussy is enough to drive any man - or woman - crazy… and we bet she has done both. It's hard not to fall for a woman as free and open about her sexuality as Alexis is. It's when she takes her panties off and starts using her toy and fingers when things start to get really intense as she brings herself to a shivering and shaking climax which is not to be missed. We hope you enjoy Alexis as much as she enjoyed herself! : ) 

Ben, Misty S. - Deep in Her: When Ben and Misty get together, it's always hot. Mostly because Misty is so hot, and because Ben loves being inside her - and who could blame him? Misty is one of the hottest girls around and any chance Ben has to be with her he takes. Thankfully it doesn't take long for Misty's beautiful pussy to get the attention it deserves as Ben is ready to go. After Misty returns the favor, it's not to long before Ben can't stand it anymore and takes her from behind - he's doesn't want to take his time, and neither does she. After she spends some time on top of him, Misty gets on her back and enjoys him deep inside her. We probably don't have to tell you that Ben is very satisfied at the end, as is Misty. We only hope you enjoy watching them together as much as they enjoyed being together. Enjoy!

Ben, Gina V. - Sensual Sex: Ben and Gina really like spending time with each other. The sex they have is on a different level than others they have been with. It's slow and sensual and very intense. It's like they're in another world when they're together. Everything around them just disappears and only the feelings of being with each other remain. Thankfully for them, and us, these are good feelings, as Ben proves by the end as Gina rides Ben with her sweet, sweet pussy We hope you enjoy watching these two as much as they enjoyed each other. 

Caprice - Sweet Pleasure: Plain and simple… Caprice is a little young hottie. And all she is interested in right now is a little sweet pleasure. She'd rather have someone give it to her, but she's happy to give it to herself! The way she touches her sweet tight pussy is such a turn on… her delicate fingers going in and out… rubbing all around… it is a lovely sight to see. And what's even lovelier… and hotter… is watching her make herself cum… which she does. Mission accomplished. Enjoy! :)

Ariel, Caprice, Miela - Good Vibrations: Just imagine… not one, not two, but three of the most beautiful, sexiest, hottest girls  together in the same bed, at the same time… making each other feel really, really good. Well, you don't have to imagine anymore. Here they are… Ariel, Caprice & Miela… together and ready for some fun. Each of these girls would be more than enough for anyone, but together, they create a whole new kind of energy - the combination of all of their beauty and sexyness. So if you're looking to triple your pleasure, check out this sexy trio… three of the hottest women on the planet… and share in their good vibrations. Enjoy!

Ben, Carmen C., Gina V. - California Tenderness: As you may or may not know, Ben and Carmen love having new experiences, and sharing those experiences with each other. Carmen especially loves seeing Ben experience pleasure. It makes her feel good, and that makes Ben feel even better. On this gorgeous afternoon, the gorgeous and sexy Gina V. decides to give Ben some California tenderness… and both Ben and Carmen could not be happier about it. With every position Ben and Gina enjoy together, Carmen rubs her sweet pussy with more and more excitement and intensity. It's pretty hot… and so is she. We won't tell you everything… you'll just have to see it for yourself - and we hope that you do. Enjoy!

Tasha R. - Shower Goddess: There's nothing like a good shower… especially one with the gorgeous and sexy Tasha in it! Tasha loves rubbing soap on her beautiful breasts and butt - just to have an excuse to wash it off - but what she really likes to do in the shower is use her special toy on - and in - her sweet, sweet pussy… fantasizing about who could be there with her. She's not shy about it and has no problem letting you know she feels throughout. Watching her pleasure herself with this toy in her pussy is so hot… it'l make you want to take a shower yourself… or join her in hers. Either way, there's a good ending to this shower which you'l have to see for yourself - we just hope you enjoy it as much as she did. : ) Enjoy!

Ben, Ivy - Wet Dreams: Ben and Ivy really enjoy the water… almost as much as they enjoy each other… so they decided to combine the two and have a really good time together. Ivy is always ready to experience pleasure and Ben is more than happy to give it to her… and experience some himself as well… as he does just before Ivy mounts and rides him…enjoying every second. Watching Ivy take his cock in her sweet pussy is so sexy. Eventually, they switch places and Ben takes her from behind and the fun continues. We won't spoil it for you… but let's just say it ends well for both of them. Come on in and see this wet dream come true… enjoy!

Alysa, Gina V. - Poolside Fantasy: We all have fantasies… and Alysa and Gina are no exception. These two sexy babes love the water… whether it be in it or just around it. It brings out the sexy in them and makes them want to share it… and share it they do. These two beautiful ladies really take their time, enjoying each other's bodies, exploring every inch, experiencing pleasure all along the way. There's a strong sexual energy between these two that is undeniable… thankfully, neither of them wants to deny it. :) Watching them rub and lick each other's pussies is so sexy, and watching them make each other cum is even sexier. Come in and see this poolside fantasy come true...

Dani D. - HOT SHOWER: There are few things better than a nice hot shower… especially one with the gorgeous and sexy Dani D. - only this time, she doesn't need any water. She is ready for a good "cleaning" though and knows just what to do about it. Slowly, but surely, she gently rubs her sweet pussy, getting it nice and wet, and clean. Making sure to give it her full attention and care, she gets deeper and deeper and more intense as she goes, until she makes herself cum… and it's so sweet. Come inside and see for yourself… you may need a shower as well. : ) Enjoy!

Alexis V., Holly M., Tiffany T. - MENAGE A TROIS: That's right… not one, not two, but three gorgeous gals enjoying each others… company - and enjoy it they do. Who wouldn't enjoy any amount of time with any of these sexy babes…? Lucky for us, and them, they're all together at the same time. After a brief moment of awkwardness, what starts out as a twosome quickly becomes a threesome… to everyone's delight and pleasure. It is, after all, another pair of hands, or lips, or whatever you wish to add to the mix… it's all good! :) So sit back and enjoy these three gorgeous babes enjoy each other as much as they do… and they sure do! :)

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