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transfixed - Neighborly Greetings, Scene #01: Kenna James, Aiden Ashley, Jade Venus, Ariel Demure - Kenna James and Aiden Ashley, a lesbian couple, are tidying up in their kitchen. But then Kenna notices two women moving into a nearby home, and her gaydar immediately pings. Aiden reminds her that they need to finish cleaning the kitchen, but Kenna insists it's okay to take just a little break to greet their beautiful new neighbors. Aiden relents, and they head over to welcome the new arrivals with a basket of muffins.

The new neighbors, Ariel Demure and Jade Venus, are surprised to receive visitors already. But Ariel loves muffins, so despite Jade's reminder that they still have a lot of unpacking to do, Ariel happily invites Kenna and Aiden inside. Once they're all comfortably settled on the couch, Kenna asks the new neighbors if they're a couple. Ariel and Jade confirm that they're two lesbians who are romantically together.

The four women all build camaraderie together as they bond over being lesbians, though it soon becomes obvious that there's not just a mutual understanding between them, but also a spark in the air. That's when they realize they can bond in another way that only lesbians know how to do: a foursome!

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roccosiffredi - Rocco e Marika Milani su e giu per l'Italia Scambista, Scene #01: Marika Milani, Benny Green, Rocco Siffredi - None

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mommysgirl - A Good, Stern Talking-To, Scene #01: Jane Wilde, London River - After getting off the phone with an unhappy client, Jane Wilde calls London River, her stepmom, into the living room. It is revealed that London has been helping Jane with her dog-sitting business, and although Jane greatly appreciates London's support, there is one recurring problem. Jane has received countless complaints of London flirting with her customers' husbands and dressing inappropriately while walking the dogs.

London defends herself, insisting that she is just a friendly person and would NEVER act unprofessionally. Jane, however, disagrees and mentions how she even feels like London is flirting with HER sometimes when they're at home. Jane goes on to talk about how inappropriate that is, but lets slip that she actually kind of likes it, admitting that she has feeling for her stepmom.

London is surprised, but shares that she actually has been feeling the same way towards Jane. Both agreeing that they want each other, they cast their business affairs aside, kissing and touching each other. They have sensual, lesbian sex, allowing for themselves a steamy dip into the sexual fantasy they've left simmering for so long.

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puretaboo - All I Do Is Give, Scene #01: Lola Fae, Seth Gamble - ALL I DO IS GIVE

Georgia (Lola Fae) is with her bedridden parent, Ellen (Lilly James), when Trevor (Seth Gamble), Ellen's boyfriend, returns home. Unfortunately, the moment he walks in through the door and sees Ellen in bed, tensions run high.

As Trevor gets into a heated argument with Georgia, who is defending Ellen, it's revealed that Ellen has been dealing with ongoing health issues. It seemed like she was on the mend but, after having a few good days, she's back in bed. Because of this, Trevor is frustrated, especially since this is a new relationship and Ellen has been sick for most of it since moving in with him.

Finally, Trevor snaps and tells Georgia and Ellen that he's had enough and wants them out of his house. When he storms out, Georgia and Ellen are both shocked, though Ellen tries to reassure Georgia that everything will be fine. Georgia tries to comfort her in return, saying she's going to speak to Trevor and apologize for getting mad at him.

When Georgia leaves the bedroom and meets up with Trevor, tensions are still high as they get into a conversation. But this time, Trevor admits to feeling like he's putting his all into the relationship and getting nothing back. He even accidentally let slip that he's feeling sexually frustrated as well since he certainly hasn't been getting any from Ellen lately. That's when Georgia gets an idea.

Georgia swallows her pride and comes onto Trevor, casually offering to be the one to satisfy Trevor's physical needs, as long as he lets them stay. Although Trevor is shocked, the more Georgia comes onto him, the more tempting the offer is. Once Georgia promises that Ellen will never find out, Trevor decides to finally let himself be the one taken care of.

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webyoung - Mystery Crush, Scene #01: Aften Opal, Indica Monroe - Aften Opal and her friend Indica Monroe are hanging out and studying. As they study, they idly chat about an upcoming school dance. They're both looking forward to it, but Aften admits that she's not really interested in going to the dance with any of the guys in their grade.

'Maybe I'm not even interested in guys at ALL right now? Maybe it's time to try something NEW...' Aften says.

Indica seems surprised as she hears this. Indica then grows thoughtful, as if she's coming up with a secret plan. Indica doesn't say anything as they go back to studying.

Days later, Indica is sitting alone in a classroom before class. She looks a bit anxious. Aften enters the classroom with a folded piece of paper in her hand, looking intrigued. Aften tells Indica that she found a note in her locker but hasn't opened it yet.

Aften unfolds the paper and is surprised as she reads it silently, saying it sounds like a love note. She curiously adds that it doesn't sound like anything a guy would write, though. Indica lies, saying that she saw a mysterious girl putting the note into Aften's locker. Aften is surprised, especially since it's from a girl, but seems receptive. Indica looks relieved.

A few days later, Aften finds chocolates on her desk and Indica insists she saw the same mysterious girl dropping them off. Aften is suspicious, though Indica lies and manages to shake the suspicions again. Aften seems receptive to the chocolates and Indica is secretly pleased.

A week later, Indica arrives for another study session but has flowers. She claims she found them on the steps and that they must be from the secret admirer.

Aften's suspicions are too high to ignore anymore. She questions Indica's involvement. As Indica tries to answer Aften's questions, stammering nervously, Aften pauses for a moment as she puts it all together, her eyes widening with surprise. Indica looks like a deer caught in headlights. She then finally sheepishly admits that, yes, she's the secret admirer.

Aften is shocked, asking why Indica didn't just tell her earlier. Indica admits that she wasn't sure if Aften liked girls, so she wasn't brave enough to outright tell her. She did all this because she wanted to ask Aften to the dance.

Aften is even more shocked. Indica starts to backtrack, thinking she pushed too hard and ruined everything. Aften takes Indica's hands to calm her down. Aften's expression is softer as she pushes through the shock. Aften admits that this is a huge surprise to her, but that she's glad Indica finally found the courage to tell her. Indica is stunned. It's clear that Aften now sees Indica in a new light, a spark of attraction growing. They come together for a tender kiss, excited to see where this blossoming romantic relationship will go.

Mystery solved!

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puretaboo - With Friends Like Hers..., Scene #01: Dee Williams, Anny Aurora, Brooklyn Gray - WITH FRIENDS LIKE HERS...

SCENE OPENS on Susan (Artemisia Love) and Joy (Dee Williams) catching up when Susan's teen, Jessica (Anny Aurora), comes home with her friend Allison (Brooklyn Gray). Jessica asks Susan if Allison can stay the night, claiming they need to study for a big test the next day. Susan curtly agrees, on the condition that they don't stay up late. Joy, however, can't help but notice a certain tension coming from Susan.

Once the girls have left for Jessica's room, Joy asks Susan why she seems so tense. After some coaxing, Susan admits that she doesn't like Jessica hanging around Allison because Allison is a lesbian. She desperately wants Jessica to find a man but is afraid Allison will lead her down the wrong path. Susan goes on to admit that she is particularly worried since she has to go away for a night in the coming week, and is certain that Allison will come over while she's gone and get up to no good. Joy seems to disagree fundamentally with Susan, but kindly offers to check in on Jessica during that time. Susan is immediately relieved, and gives Joy a house key.


A few days later, Jessica eagerly sees Susan off for her night away. Once Susan is gone, Allison is revealed to have been hiding near the entrance, and she enters the house. Together at last, Allison and Jessica kiss, revealing that they are lovers. Without wanting to waste another moment, they go to Jessica's bedroom to make love.

A few moments later, both girls are naked in bed. They make out sensually and caress each other's bodies, licking each other's nipples and eating each other out. As this happens, Joy arrives at the property and lets herself in quietly. She makes her way to the bedroom door and, without alerting the girls, watches them as they scissor each other. Joy is super turned on, and can't help but touch herself as she watches the girls go at it.

Joy eventually becomes so aroused and impatient that she interrupts the sex, confronting the girlfriends. Jessica is terrified, and after Joy insists that Allison leave, she motions for her girlfriend to do so. Allison, reluctantly, exits, leaving Jessica and Joy alone.

Joy joins Jessica on the bed, who pleads for her to not tell Susan about what she saw. Joy then suggests that maybe she and Jessica could enjoy some lesbian sex- THAT would certainly keep her from telling. Jessica is shocked, learning for the first time that Joy is a lesbian as well. Seeing no other option, Jessica agrees, and they plunge into an intense, sexual encounter that will keep both their secrets intact.

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mommysgirl - We Should Talk About Last Night, Scene #01: Nina Elle, Penelope Kay - Penelope Kay comes down the stairs one day to find her stepmom, Nina Elle, in the living room. They immediately seem very awkward with each other and it's clear that SOMETHING has happened. Nina invites Penelope to sit with her on the couch, insisting that they need to talk about last night.

Nina and Penelope have a chat, and it is revealed that their anxiety is stemming from the fact that they shared their first kiss the night prior. They clearly have a strong spark between them, but resolve to never kiss each other again. Despite their promises though, they can't help but join lips another time.

They immediately break apart, ashamed at their behavior. They list off some more reasons why they should not be kissing each other, but can't resist their undeniable mutual attraction and proceed to keep making out. Before long, these two have thrown caution to the wind and given in to their fantasies, embarking on a steamy, lesbian sexcapade they won't soon forget.

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puretaboo - The Only Way Out Is Through, Scene #01: Avery Black, Tommy Pistol - THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH

SCENE OPENS on Deborah (Avery Black) in the midst of giving a statement to the police. She recounts how after she came out as a lesbian to her parents, they made her go to 'Conversion Therapy Camp'. She was there put under the authority of Dr. Jerry (Tommy Pistol), who kept her separate from the other women and made her go through countless ordeals to 'cure' her of her lesbianism. Deborah goes on to state that at one point, she had had enough, and came up with a plan to stop Dr. Jerry once and for all.


We are taken back to the camp to see the events described in the interview first-hand, starting with Dr. Jerry grooming himself in the mirror. He creepily mentions how 'every woman needs a man in shining armor', affirming his twisted mantra to himself. He then enters a bedroom and seems to get ready for something. After a moment, he opens an unfinished closet, revealing Deborah within it. It turns out that she has been confined to this closet throughout the duration of her stay at the camp.

Dr. Jerry invites her to come out and sit on the bed so that they may begin a therapy session. Though it's clear she despises Dr. Jerry, Deborah follows his orders, and they sit across from each other. Dr. Jerry guides Deborah through a relaxation exercise, instructing her to feel as comfortable as possible with his 'male presence'. He also elaborates on his own purpose, claiming his mission in life is to help 'confused' women such as herself see the error of their ways. Deborah goes along with it, trying her best to smile convincingly and accept Dr. Jerry's subtle touch.

Dr. Jerry then suggests they try a different form of therapy, claiming it will help Deborah prepare for the moment she meets the 'right man'. She agrees, and per Dr. Jerry's instructions, they both get fully undressed. He then makes them lie down side by side on the bed. As Dr. Jerry continues to lecture Deborah, he encourages her to pleasure herself, eventually doing so as well. Soon enough, this new form of therapy leads to them having intense sex, all with the goal of convincing Deborah that she is straight.

But Deborah definitely has something up her sleeve, and when she said she had a plan to stop Dr. Jerry once and for all, she certainly wasn't kidding.

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devilsfilm - My Husband Brought Home His Mistress #16 - Haley Reed, Nova Sky & Will Tile: Haley Reed, Jupiter Jetson, Will Tile - None

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21sextury - Diligent Sperm Donors, Scene #01: Shalina Devine, Toby, Charlie Dean - Gorgeous Shalina Devine loves helping males in the sperm donor office. Charlie Dean and Toby both walk-in to donate some sperm. Shalina is exicted and turned on by these to guys that she offers to help them out in blowing their load. She takes turns sucking their cocks before letting them take turn fucking her ass and pussy. Charles and Toby DP Shalina's pussy and ass before releasing their hot loads of cum to donate.

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roccosiffredi - Castings - Diane Chrystall, Scene #01: Diane Chrystall, Rocco Siffredi - None

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21naturals - Joyful Reunion, Scene #01: Lana Bunny, Kristof Cale - Petite Lana Bunny is really horny and being transported around the house by Kristof Cale is making her even hornier. She is wearing a sporty and sexy outfit and of course that makes things easier for Kristof to undress her. He obviously does that and takes out his dick so she can blowjob him really deep into her throat before moving to a move comfy and hot position.

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roccosiffredi - Rocco and Nacho: The Lost Movie - Episode 5: Samantha Rone, Sofia Curly, Nacho Vidal, Damien Soup - None

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devilsfilm - Her First Trans Encounter #01 - Kate Zoha & Pristine Edge: Pristine Edge, Kate Zoha - Pristine Edge and Kate Zoha are on a blind date, both of them having been set up together by their friends. But as they chat, it's revealed that their friends failed to mention that Kate is trans and Pristine is cis. Although they're both lesbians, Kate is a little worried as she asks Pristine if she's ever been with a trans woman before. When Pristine admits that she hasn't but is interested, sparks fly as they decide to end their date with more than just a simple goodnight kiss.

Best porn site
21sextury - What a Foot Desires, Scene #01: Geisha Kyd, Kristof Cale - Sexy Geisha Kyd wears her cute lingerie and uses her feet to please her man Kristof Cale. She's so flexible and ready to get some cum as a reward.

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21sextury - Irrefutable Offers, Scene #01: Alexis Crystal, Vince Karter - Sexy Alexis Crystal is ready to take Vince Karter's dick in the ass! She enjoyed each inch of it.

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21sextury - Before Sun Sex, Scene #01: Kitana Lure, Alexa Flexy - It's a beautiful day, and the sun is shining bright. Kitana Lure wants to make sure that her pretty girlfriend Alexa Flexy is well protected from the harsh rays, rubbing oil all over her gorgeous curves.

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devilsfilm - My Wife Found Out I'm Bi! #02 - Rachael Cavalli, Vince Parker & Draven Navarro: Rachael Cavalli, Draven Navarro, Vince Parker - Vince Parker has set up a gym in his garage, and is hanging out there with his old buddy, Draven Navarro. Vince's wife Rachael Cavalli comes into the room, meeting Draven for the first time. She lets them know that she's going to a friend's house, but that Draven is welcome to stay for dinner.

Later that day, Rachael returns home and is surprised to find Vince and Draven taking a bath together. The two men insist that they're just friends, but Rachael tells them to stand up. Sure enough, both of their cocks are hard! However, she LIKES what she sees, and tells Vince to suck on Draven's cock. Rachael masturbates while watching them. Eventually, they take things to the bedroom, so all three of them can have fun together...

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roccosiffredi - Rocco's Sex Clinic - Episode 1: Angelica Heart, Malena Nazionale, Vince Karter - None

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devilsfilm - Her First Trans Encounter #01 - Korra Del Rio & Spencer Bradley: Spencer Bradley, Korra Del Rio - Spencer Bradley is house-sitting when she notices Korra Del Rio, a total stranger, enter the backyard and begin sunbathing. Perplexed, Spencer goes out to investigate and learns that Korra is a neighbor who has an arrangement with the house-owner to use the pool and spa area. Spencer is promptly convinced, and upon Korra's suggestion, agrees to put on her bikini and join them for a sunbath.

A few moments later, Spencer and Korra lounge outside, relaxing in the sun. They exchange small talk, and it is soon revealed that Spencer is a lesbian. Korra's interest is piqued, and it's clear they find Spencer to be super hot. Korra asks if Spencer has ever been with a man, to which Spencer replies that although she's been penetrated by strap-ons and other toys, she's never felt what it's like to have an actual cock inside her.

Korra then reveals to Spencer that they are trans, and Spencer notices Korra's cock getting harder underneath her bikini bottom. Spencer seems intrigued by it and mentions that she has no problem with dicks themselves, just the masculinity that goes along with them. This might, indeed, be a totally new experience for Spencer, and she's eager to see if Korra is willing to experiment with her.

Unable to hold off any longer, Korra and Spencer run inside to have steamy, exploratory sex with strap-ons and cocks alike. Judging by Spencer's lovely reactions, this might be the first of many trans encounters for her.

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