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Sadie from Big Tits Boss - I had a choice between two of my top guys in the office. They both had great numbers and work ethics. I had to personally make a final decision by the end of the day to see who was going to continue working for me. Ramon was a little confused, but he came around as he was walking out. I am so glad he did. He out preformed Tim in his evaluation. Ramon has more skills then I thought. His fingers made my pussy

Carmel from Big Tits Boss - Ramon is in Big Trouble. His work for us here at RK has caught up with him, and his Boss is not too happy about it. You see, she runs a business that deals with high profile clients and wants to send Ramon packing now that she knows what hes been up too. He explains thats on his own private time, but you all know that with our industry leading members sign ups, Ramon should be a household name by now. His Boss Carmel, is a Smoking Hottie, sexy babe with luscious lips and a Huge great pair of tits. Watch her make Ramon work hard in order to strike a deal and keep his job.

Heather from Big Tits Boss - I was called into my bosses office the other day. I was a little nervous because it only happens when she needs to bust some balls. She started ripping me new one because of the my reports and attitude. I was not sure what to do. The only thing I could say was I would do anything to keep my job. She started telling me that I could help her out with a little stress release. She was undoing buttons on her blouse as I was trying to figure out what was happening. After she ripped me, I got to rip her. There is nothing better then smacking the ass of your boss after she was telling me I needed an attitude adjustment. I got to fuck her wet pussy right there in her office like it was a bedroom. She was loved my cock. After she relived her stress, I relieved my own all over her face. I made a mess, but she was smiling the whole time.

Dawson from Big Tits Boss - I had Jmac up for review the other week. I should of fired him as soon as he answered a personal call when he was at my desk. I heard some roomers that he fucked some of the other girls in the office, so I wanted to see what all the talk was about. He said he would do anything to keep his job, so I ordered him to fuck me good. He fucked me in a few positions, and coated my tits with his load. I told him he was ok, and I would still have to think about his job.

Alison from Big Tits Boss - I was torn between two agencies. I had them both meet me for a final interview. I wanted to see which guy could rep me and take care of my needs. I could not make up my mind, so I asked them who was the bigger man. They both looked at me like they were confused. I knew that they knew what I was asking. They just acted surprised. I told them to pull them out, so I could make a decision. They were pretty even so I had to go all the way. It was so hot how they fought over me. I got a good fucking out of them. Since they fucked me so good together I told them I will sign both contracts.

Kortney from Big Tits Boss - I was not feeling so good when my company sent a person to ask me questions about how I spend company money on certain clients. I am just glad she was a smoking hottie. It made the audit a little bit more pleasant. She said she was some certified CPA and the numbers do not lie. She got upset and told me she was going to write a bad report on me which would cause me to lose my job. Before she stormed out of my office, I asked if I could do anything for her, so she would not write me up. She stood there and thought for a second. I was not expecting what she said next at all. She got hooked on this power tripped and demanded I showed her my cock. Since she was so fucking sexy I did not think twice. She grabbed my cock and told me she wanted to cum. My day at the office turned around real quick. Her body was perfect. I made her cum a couple of times just make sure she wrote a good report. She was so caught up in the moment she swallowed my load I blasted into her mouth. I am going to spend more money, so she can cum ask me more questions.

Diana from Big Tits Boss - I dropped off a Diana again the other day. She hires me every other week to drive her home or to her office form the airport. I am not sure what she does, but I know she is very demanding and gets what she wants. She always has some small talk, but this time she must have been real nervous or something. She came on to me like I was the last guy on earth. She told me she needed to relax before she went to some important meeting. Next thing I know she is up front rubbing on my cock. It got hard so fast I thought it was going to rip right through my pants. She got me in the back and swallowed my cock whole. I wanted to blow my load right there into the back of her throat. I held it as long as I could. I did not want to she her bossy side because I blew to early. I think she was getting off on the fact that she was getting bossed around for once. After fucking her pussy for a little bit she wanted my cock in her ass. After all the trips I have given her from the airport, I never thought she liked it in the ass. Her ass was so tight. I just could not hold out any longer and thanked god she could not either. After thinking it could not get any better she wanted me to cum on her face. Oh, did I ever cum.

Taanya from Big Tits Boss - I always hear about stories of guys going to these big houses with lonely house wives that do nothing all day. When there is something wrong, they call the maintenance guy out to fix it and end up fucking them. Well, Taanya was not a house wife. She was the complete opposite. She runs her own business out of her big house. I was about to start packing up because I did not have everything I needed to finish the job. She found me out back and told me I had to stay late. She needed me to finish because she could not get online to complete her job tasks. I told her that was not happening. She was the boss and knew what it would take to get the job done. She grabbed my cock and dragged me inside. I was all hers, and she was in control. Wow, Taanya is a total freak. A smoking hot freak. She gave the best blow job a guy could imagine. She needs to start her own blow job lessons company if she does not already have one. Taanya sucked and slobbered all over my cock and demanded I fuck her better than my cable wiring skills. I was ready to blow my circuits before she was even done sucking my dick. I did not want to lose this job from heaven, so I held out until she wanted in all over her face. I will never look a routine house call again.

Uma from Big Tits Boss - Uma is a savvy business woman who always get what she wants. She coaxed Ramon in to a raw sex deal before getting to their originally intended business. Not like it was such a hard decision anyways. Uma has amazing tits and body you wouldnt believe. She basically had Ramon at hello.

Bridgette from Big Tits Boss - I had an audit done on my office and was a little scared that the auditor was going to report me to the government. I was trying to justify my deductions, but he was not listening. I finally got in his face and tried to convince him the good old fashion way. I shoved his face in my tits and lick his lips. He slowly melted away and stuck his huge cock deep inside of me. I could not believe how good he was. He really got into his work and fucked me good. I am just glad he did not fuck me financially. I hope he comes around this time next year to do it again.

Ariella from Big Tits Boss - I was called on this job to wax and polish a ladies floor. I showed up to the house and the first thing I noticed was how big her tits were. She seemed pretty nice and did not boss me around too much, so I tried not to stare and respect her. After some time passed and I was about done with fixing the mess the other guy left, she came back to check on me. She was happy to see herself in the reflection of the floor. She started grabbing my arms and getting real friendly with small talk. She called me out about staring at her tits which seemed to turn her on. She started to be a little bit more bossy. As she did that, her clothes slowly started to come off. I pretty much end up waxing and buffing more then just the floor. Her clit and tits were no little task if you know what I mean.

Britney from Big Tits Boss - Britney was a little frustrated with a hesitant home buyer. This was the third they had visited the same house. Knowing the buyer needed a push in the right direction, she did the unthinkable. As they sat in the couch going thru the numbers she reached for his cock. She had caught him look at her big breasts several times so she knew he was interested. She licked his cock to give him a taste and then told him if he wanted more he would have to sign the contract. Done deal. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

Robbye from Big Tits Boss - I had to go to another interview about my new hit single. I do not mind some of these interview just because of the exposure, but sometimes they get to personal with the questions. The interview with Robbye was nothing like that at all. It got personal, but it was in a good way. She was grinning from ear to ear as soon as I walked in. She wanted me so bad. It did not take her long to show me her bikini which came off soon after. She wanted to audition for the next video, so I tried her out and bent her over her desk. Her huge tits fit around my cock nicely. I fucked her on the desk and then came on her feet. The interview was pretty much over after that.

Nikky from Big Tits Boss - I was the new guy at this modeling agency. My first day I met the boss. She was hot, but in a bad mood. She was yelling at some of the other models when I walked in. She jumped on my case about this and that. I asked her if I could help. She bossed me around a little bit and told me to rub her shoulders. I am not sure what happened, but after a minute I was not rubbing her shoulders any more. My hands were all over her. Her pussy was soaking wet. At first I wanted to pull away, but I thought I would get fired. I just let it go and did what I was told. I fucked her or she fucked me. I am not sure but it was the best first day I could have every asked for.

Taylor from Big Tits Boss - Taylor was interviewing me for an open salesman position. I was really desperate for work so I obliged her every command. Even when she said that her employees need to be physically fit....she asked for proof that I was. I had to immediately undress and strut my stuff. Luckily for me or her whichever way you want to see it, I didnt have any boxers on. Once she got a good look at the cock piece she was hooked. My shit was like a tractor beam...she quickly walked from behind her desk straight to her mouth. She even tried to deepthroat it. She had big titties so I told her I felt uncomfortable being the only naked body in the room. Bam...boss banging at its finest.

Sarra from Big Tits Boss - My boss was so upset with me and my expenses. I like to take care of our clients though. I am glad she got upset and stressed out because she really needed to take a load off. In this case she just wanted to take a load. I was more then happy to give her a nice warm and creamy load. I love her huge tits. I could play with them everyday. I think I am going to keep on spending the companies money in hopes she will fuck me more often.

Diamond from Big Tits Boss - I help out Diamond Foxxx with her water exercises, and today while we were doing our final stretch my cock popped out of my shorts. I thought she was going to freak, but she actually asked me to stretch out her lower muscles. I immediately pounced on her huge tits, and sucking on big tits that tasted better with every lick. I fucked her all over her pool, and when she asked me to penetrate her tight ass, I could not resist... Enjoy...

Katie from Big Tits Boss - So some new guy just got the promotion I deserve after working here for five years. So I decided to follow him and my boss on their lunch break, when I see them go to her place. I had to see it for myself. He was fucking her and thats why he got the promotion. I walked right in and said I was going to tell someone higher, and thats when she offered me the job and something even greater, she let me fuck her and her huge tits. Katie fucked me and the new guy and fired us both after. Fucking my boss was worth it in the end.. Enjoy..

Courtney from Big Tits Boss - When you fuck your boss, because you fucked her secretary is when you know your packing. She heard about the size of my missile and wanted a bite. She started by playing her Boss role and teased me with her tits. I pulled out my cock and she immediately started sucking away. I fucked her all over her desk, and gave her huge tits a good kissing. My boss Courtney is a freak and now she could spread the word around her friends.

Rhylee from Big Tits Boss - My boss called me over to her place to check out some of my paper work. So I get there, and could not stop staring at her huge tits. She notices and shoves my face down her shirt. Sucking those huge tits was only the beginning, I bended her over and started pounding my boss doggy style. She loves to get fucked and asked for the cream all over her face. I could smell a raise is around the corner.. Enjoy..

Mckenzie from Big Tits Boss - My boss asked me to go to her house today and pick up paperwork she forgot. So I get there and I grab the papers, but I see some of her Gstrings hanging out. I decided to sniff them and play with myself as I thought about how hot Mckenzie is. She catches me in the act and asks me to eat her pussy and with no problem I ate it loving every second. She started showing off her huge tits, and I fucked them so good I almost busted all over her face... Enjoy..

Janet from Big Tits Boss - Today my boss asked me to come in for a promotion review. Janet had in mind that I would qualify if my dick was big enough. I had to make sure I fucked her to the best of my ability. She has huge fucking tits, and an ass that requires lots of attention. I ate her pussy and fucked her all over her paperwork on her desk. I got the job and gave her a facial she will never forget.. Enjoy..

Angelina from Big Tits Boss - What an amazing day, my boss had no idea I lied about being a bartender in my application as her maid practically. She asked for a sex on the beach, and when I delivered it, she spit it out. She gave me one last chance to make a drink or to get the fuck out, and thats when I put my dick on the table. She was startled, but did not hesitate to suck the life out of it. I had to fuck and lick her how she wanted it, and did it right. She moaned and came all over my dick, and wanted my cum to be her drink for the day.. Enjoy...

Angela from Big Tits Boss - I was a little frustrated that I had to work late for another guy that cold not keep up with his bills. I was told he was cute, but it is not to attractive for a guy to be broke. He finally showed up, and we got down to business. I found out he was a professional porn star. I lost all concentration. I totally forgot what I had to do. All I knew was I wanted his big dick. After he fucked me like a true pro I did not even want to bother with the date I had planned later.

Kiko from Big Tits Boss - Kiko Lee in Lucked Out video

Carmella2 from Big Tits Boss - I was upset that my bikini model was running hours late, and the photographer was getting impatient. I stepped up as the boss to get things done. I put the bikini on and started the photo shoot. I have to admit, I was getting turned on being the center of attention. My ass was doing the same thing to Danny because he could not resist a little touch. It was all I needed to make my pussy get all soaked. I let him finish what he started. His big dick filled my need as my big tits bounced all over the place. It made my workday complete.

Evva from Big Tits Boss - I was so tired of these incompetent guys lying about their abilities and references. I had one interviewee left, and I needed to hire some immediately. I was so flustered and, he was so cute. It seemed like he had never see cleavage before. He was so nervous. I caught him checking out my tits, so I put him on the spot. I teased him a little before I pushed myself on him. After I had his dick inside me he I knew he was just right for the new position. He fucked me in my favorite chair and finished on my desk. I hope he works just as hard as he fucks.

Karen from Big Tits Boss - I was feeling kind of depressed and upset that my company was not doing so well. The market is not helping us grow either. While Voodoo was out getting me lunch, I had a talk with one of my other employees that fuck him a while back. She told me about his huge cock, and I wanted to find out if it was true. I needed a pick me up fuck anyways. Voodoo knows that our company is going to have cut backs, so he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his job. I told him I needed a little help feeling better. He just did not get what I was saying until I popped out my tits. After that I did not have to tell him much, but lick my ass and make me cum. His dick was huge and I am going to keep him no payroll for more reasons then just job. His dick will come will become one of my office tools.

Shyy from Big Tits Boss - I was out shopping with my half witted assistant the other day. Sometimes I wonder why I still have him around. He is not even good enough to carry my bags let along to use a boy toy. I was so horny and frustrated because it is so hard to find a good fuck. That is all I need is to fuck and go back to my daily life. If I keep a guy around too long he just seems to fade out. I noticed this guy in the store. He was looking around totally clueless. He had a huge bugle in his pants, so I started to flirt. He was such a push over. I did not think it was this easy. I told him I would change for him. He came in when I ordered and told him to eat my pussy. He fucked my so good. I had so much fun with his big dick. He splattered his cum all over my face and tits. It was a dream come true.

Dyamond from Big Tits Boss - While I was working at home I wanted to get my truck detailed. I went out side and noticed he started staring at me as soon as I walked out the door. I went up to talk to him and realized he was so cute. I seized the moment and started to flirt. I popped out of my blouse and offered some lemonade. No guy can say no to my lemonade. I got him inside and let my body do the rest of the talking. I told him to behave because he started to become to eager. After a little teasing, I let him loose to fuck me in my soaked pussy and my tight ass. He left a big mess all over my tits when he was done, but I hope he is good with cleaning my truck as he is fucking me.

Sara from Big Tits Boss - I had no idea that the realestate market is ran by only hot fucking men. When he arrived, I tried to stay on the topic of selling my house, but I could not control myself. I knew that he was working for me, for the time being and I took advantage. I let my huge tits pop out and he couldnt resist. I have never been fucked so good, and its been years since my husband left me. He put me in every position you could imagine, and licked my ass so good my toes curled up. I love how a woman with big tits in a higher position could just take over a man.. Enjoy.

Andrea from Big Tits Boss - Construction workers cut Andreas masturbation session short when they go on strike. Andrea has to quickly solve the problem as she is losing money the more time they are not working. When she gets there she makes the foreman an offer he couldnt refuse. Andrea always gets what she wants.

Kylee from Big Tits Boss - Kylee needed some government contracts approved so she took matter into her own hands. She hired a private detective to tail the senator and get some dirt on him. To seal the deal she pulled a Lewinsky and fucked him herself. That way she would have first hand accounts of how truly perverted he truly is. The senator could not resist Kylee and her giant jugs.

Madison from Big Tits Boss - Madison got the surprise of her life. An employee of hers showed up at her doorstep and demanded to know why he hasnt gotten a raise or at least been treated with some sort of special consideration after being the best employee for so long. As soon as he found out that the special treatment came after every employee proves they have the balls to get things done...he whipped out his cock and balls and showed her he had what it took. She immediately dropped to her knees for some intense training on how to please her every desire even if that means being her personal play thing from time to time. For him it was a win win situation. He got to fuck and suck every inch of her body and those huge tits plus he got initiated into the special circle of employees ready to do her bidding at the drop of a skirt.

Alanah from Big Tits Boss - It is so good to be the boss. I had Ramon in my office for some real close team building exercises. He is really good at what he does, but there is always room for improvement. He had plenty of room under my desk. I do not know why he was peeking when I told him to stay down there while I had a delivery guy in my office. I do not need rumors going around that I fuck my employees, even though they are true. I just love having my big tits bounce around as they fuck me ion my desk. There is nothing better then a meeting that turns into a muncheon if you know what I mean.

Jada from Big Tits Boss - I finally got my stuff for my lounge chairs, and I was so excited. The new delivery guy was so much nicer then the other guy. I just got this urge to fuck him. He got a little to quick, but I put him in his place to make sure he knew he was in charge. I am going to order more stuff just so I can have this guy come over while no one is around and swallow his big cock.

Loona from Big Tits Boss - It was a normal boring day at work. I had requested the lights to be fixed that are above my desk. A maintenance man finally showed up to take care of it. I just got a shot of his bulge in his pants. I do not know what came over me, but I had to see it. I pulled his cock out, and he barely put up a fight. I think it was my big tits that he was wanting. His dick was already hard. I bent over my desk and showed him where to use his tool. After he stuck it in my ass and pussy, he made a mess all over my face.

Lexxy from Big Tits Boss - Well its another day in the office and Lexxy is hard at work taking care of a few things and in the process decides to call her boyfriend. The conversation gets a hot and steamy and before you know she was in the office chair playing with that pretty pussy of hers! Shortly after Serg walks in, and gets a serge of energy when hes sees lexxy playing with herself, pulls out his cock and begins jerking off because he thinks shes talking to him. She turns around and is startled to see serg stroking his cock and asks what was he doing there. Long story short she liked what she seen and the rest you have to watch for yourself. Enjoy!

Nika from Big Tits Boss - It was another day at the job, answering the phone for Manuel. His boss, Nika came back from lunch and she was looking very sexy in that mini skirt, tight blouse, stockings and high heels. Her huge tits were almost popping out of that tight blouse. She went back to her office and called her friend for some phone sex. As she was talking to her friend on the phone, she starting playing with her sweet pussy and pulled out those giant tits. Her legs were spread open, with her colossal cans out, as she was fingering her twat, when Manuel walked in. He asked to be excused to the restroom and he quickly escaped the awkward moment. As he was in the restroom, at the urinal, Nika came in and pushed him against the wall. She swiftly went down and started deep throating his cock and titty fucking him with those enormous tits. Then, she dragged him back to the office and made him eat her delicious pussy in order to keep his job. Then, he got full permission to fuck that hot pussy. He bent her over the desk and pounded that pussy as her giant jugs bounced around. She got banged all over her office and got plastered with man juice all over her face.

Alexis from Big Tits Boss - Voodoo bought his lovely boss, Alexis a present for Christmas. She was looking luscious behind her desk with those juicy jugs almost popping out. He asked about the annual bonuses and Alexis explained how they were cancelled due to cutbacks. Alexis felt bad about not being able to give him a bonus so she decided to cheer him up with a big booby bonus. She stuck those huge tits in his face and bounced them around. Then, she pulled down her skirt and spread out over the desk as Voodoo munched her pussy. Alexis got on her knees and slobbered all over that cock and titty fucked him. Then, she laid out on her desk and got her pussy plowed. Then, she rode that cock as her luscious fun bags bounced up and down. Finally, Alexis engulfed that dick with her enormous tits and titty fucked cream all over her juicy jugs.

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