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Amazing sex
devilsfilm: My Wife Found Out I'm Bi! #02 - Liv Revamped, Hatler Gurius & Joel Someone - Liv Revamped, Joel Someone, Hatler Gurius
Liv Revamped is relaxing at home when she receives a phone call from a friend saying that they heard that Liv's husband, Joel Someone, is into guys. A guy friend of theirs showed them pictures of him with Joel while Joel was away from home. Although Liv is stunned, she tells her friend to give her the guy's number...

Later that day, she approaches Joel while wearing sexy lingerie. Joel is intrigued as Liv mentions having a threesome. Buuuut, the thing is, she wants to have a threesome with another guy -- AND she wants Joel to be hands-on, too. She wants them to be able to freely explore their sexuality and fantasies, whatever that may be. That's when she reveals that she's invited Joel's secret fling, Hatler Gurius, to have fun with them!

Amazing sex
devilsfilm: Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Lexi Grey, Madi Collins & Alex Legend - Lexi Grey, Madi Collins, Alex Legend
Lexi Grey and her friend Madi Collins are relaxing by a pool, enjoying their spring break. They see Alex Legend hanging out on the other side of the pool, and agree that they both want to fuck him. Lexi says that since they want to share him, they should also share his cum by swapping it back and forth with their mouths. Madi says it's like Lexi is reading her mind, and they eagerly prepare to show Alex the time of his life.

A short time later, Lexi and Madi lead Alex into a bedroom. Alex can't believe his luck, as the two hot girls take turns sucking and riding his cock. And that's just the beginning of this sizzling threesome, which will end with some super hot cum swapping!

Amazing sex
allgirlmassage: Gay Panic, Scene #01 - Aaliyah Love, Jewelz Blu, Charlotte Sins
An adorable married lesbian couple, Charlotte Sins and Jewelz Blu, is looking forward to their romantic in-home couples massage. As they invite the masseuses, Aaliyah Love and her coworker, into the house, the atmosphere is pleasant... until the coworker realizes that they're servicing lesbians. That's when the coworker drops her professionalism and shows her true colors, which isn't pretty, before storming out of the house.

Aaliyah is SHOCKED about her coworker's atrocious behavior, apologizing profusely to Charlotte and Jewelz. What the coworker said and did was completely out of line! She wants to give the lovely couple a FREE massage to make up for her rudeness and show them that her behavior does NOT reflect their parlor's values.

Although Charlotte and Jewelz admit that the mood is kind of ruined, they can't pass up a free massage. As they both strip down, Aaliyah takes turns massaging them both, making it as sensual and romantic as possible to make it up to them. Gradually, the tension from the unpleasant confrontation earlier melts away and transforms into sexual tension instead! If Aaliyah REALLY wants to make it up to the wives, there's ONE MORE THING she can do...

Amazing sex
21sextury: The Art of Seduction, Scene #01 - Alexis Crystal, Toby, Josh Jo
Alexis Crystal is lounging on the patio, showing off her superb toned body. The saucy babe will entice Toby and Josh, leading to a hot DP session.

Amazing sex
21sextury: Pleasure at His Fingertips , Scene #01 - Asia Vargas, Thomas Stone
Smoking hot Asia Vargas lays down for her deep sensual massage from Thomas Stone. Asia takes great pleasure in getting her ass fingered then suck her masseuse Thomas' cock. She then offers her tight ass to be pounded by Thomas throbbing cock. Asian takes every inch of his hard cock before giving her a mouthful of cum.

Amazing sex
mommysgirl: Working Off Her Debt, Scene #01 - Mona Wales, Aliya Brynn
Mona Wales barges into the bedroom and angrily confronts her lounging stepdaughter, Aliya Brynn, about racking up a HUGE bill on Mona's credit card. Aliya doesn't try to deny using the credit card since how ELSE can she get all the cute clothes she likes?? But Aliya's shocked when Mona tells her that she'll have to do chores to work off EVERY CENT of the credit card bill... starting NOW.

Days later, Aliya is still hard at work trying to pay off the debt. But when Mona tells her that she's only halfway there, Aliya decides that enough is enough. There HAS to be an easier way to make things even...

That's when Aliya gets a sneaky idea as she starts coming onto Mona, making it very clear that she wants to get in Mona's pants. Although Mona's surprised at first, when Aliya points out that this is a much more fun way of settling things between them, she can't resist!

Amazing sex
devilsfilm: It's Okay, She's My Stepsister #07 - Kay Lovely & Van Wylde - Kay Lovely, Van Wylde
Van Wylde is not happy, because his parents dragged him to some cabin in the mountains for a family vacation. He wanted to go to a concert with his girlfriend, but that's not possible now. He then finds out that his stepsister Kay Lovely isn't happy about being stuck in this cabin either, because she wanted to go to a party with her friends.

Van says that he's especially disappointed because his girlfriend was finally going to give him a blowjob, and that can't happen as long as he's stuck here. Kay is surprised that Van's girlfriend hasn't blown him yet, and he explains that it's because his girlfriend thought his dick is too big. That gets Kay's curiosity, and she asks to see his dick. Van thinks that's a weird request, but Kay says that they're adults, so what's the big deal?

Finally agreeing, Van takes out his dick. Kay says that it really IS big, but she's sure she could handle it. She starts giving him a blowjob to prove it, and Van returns the favor by pulling Kay's pants down so he can touch her pussy. After that, he licks her pussy, and eagerly pounds his dick into her. Maybe this family vacation isn't so bad after all!

Amazing sex
nurumassage: Don't I Know You From Somewhere?, Scene #01 - Daya Knight, Brad Sterling
Brad Sterling steps into a massage parlor for a NURU massage but is surprised when the sexy masseuse, Daya Knight, recognizes him from a yoga class that they both attend. The air is charged as soon as they're close and things only heat up once Daya takes him into the private massage room.

They soon undress, unable to keep their eyes off each other's naked bodies. The sexual tension grows even more once Daya oils them both up and presses her body sensually along his, giving him an erotic full-body massage. With things starting to get steamy, Brad soon compliments her on how flexible she is. Of course, once their hungry eyes lock, they decide to put that flexibility to the test!

Amazing sex
puretaboo: Canceled, Scene #01 - Tiffany Watson, Serene Siren

Rose (Tiffany Watson) is looking at her laptop computer when she sees a social media post from a company that claims to support LGBTQ-related causes. Rose is outraged because she knows this is actually a lie... the CEO of the company is none other than her homophobic stepmother, Lizbeth (Serene Siren). Rose decides to expose Lizbeth's hypocrisy by posting a video that shows Lizbeth in the midst of a homophobic rant at their family's last Thanksgiving dinner.

The next day, Rose is checking the status of the video that she posted, and sees that it has gone viral. Lizbeth enters the room and tries to act nice to Rose, but Rose brags that people on the Internet have 'canceled' Lizbeth. Still, Lizbeth continues to act sweet and concerned, saying that she wants to make amends. Rose is skeptical, saying she knows that Lizbeth is only acting this way because of the backlash from the video. After further discussion, the truth comes out that Lizbeth wants to do damage control by appearing with Rose on a talk show, saying they have reconciled.

Realizing that she has leverage now, Rose agrees on the condition that Lizbeth's company makes changes to actually help LGBTQ people. Lizbeth accepts this. However, Rose then reveals that she has another condition: Lizbeth must learn what it's like to be a lesbian... by having sex with Rose. Lizbeth is shocked, but she's willing to do anything for her company's success, so she agrees...

Amazing sex
roccosiffredi: The Spanish Stallion: Shalina Devine's True Power of Sex - Episode 4 - Cherry Kiss, Martina Smeraldi, Vince Karter
Blonde, Brunette, Threesome, Anal, Natural Tits, Fingering, Teen, Squirt, Hairy, Facesitting, Tribbing, Ass to mouth, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cum swallow, Big Dick, Fetish, Cum Swap, Bubble Butt, straight, caucasian, double blowjob, open mouth facial, rimming, pussy eating

Amazing sex
roccosiffredi: Castings - Miss Melissa Returns, Scene #01 - Miss Melissa, Rocco Siffredi
Blonde, Small Tits, Fingering, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Cum swallow, Big Dick, Fetish, Foot Fetish, caucasian, hd porn, rimming, pussy eating

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devilsfilm: My Secret Transgressions #03 - Korra Del Rio & Bentley Layne - Bentley Layne, Korra Del Rio
Korra Del Rio and her boyfriend Bentley Layne are relaxing together in the bathtub. Bentley says that he wants to try a new sushi restaurant, and asks Korra if she wants to go tomorrow night. Korra likes the idea, and asks Bentley if he wants to bring any of his friends along. But Bentley says that his friends are all jerks, and he hasn't even told them that he's dating a trans woman because he knows they wouldn't understand. He admits that he also hasn't told his family about Korra, because he knows that they wouldn't understand either.

Korra says that it must be really hard for Bentley to have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, and one of these days someone is bound to find out. Bentley says that he'll deal with it when that happens. For now, Bentley is just happy to enjoy his love for Korra, and happily sucks on her pretty cock. Then they both get out of the tub and head for the bedroom, so they can take their lovemaking even further...

Amazing sex
21sextury: Her Graceful Feet, Scene #01 - Geisha Kyd, Charlie Dean
She started her day by stretching up and doing some exercice. Everything was going according to plan for Geisha Kyd until Charlie Dean shows up. Takes out his dick and shows it to her while she was working out. Fortunately enough, things went out of control for both of them soon after that.

Amazing sex
puretaboo: Anything Goes, Scene #01 - Nicole Sage, Oliver Davis

Claire (Nicole Sage) welcomes her friend Randy (Oliver Davis) to her home. They are both nervously excited about something they have met up to do, something that will net them a 'huge' pool.

It turns out that their group of friends (including their significant others) has always teased them about their chemistry together, eventually creating a pool to entice Claire and Randy to go on a date. The pool has since escalated to what they are about to do today: Claire and Randy will livestream their date to their group of friends, and the friends will be able to make anonymous requests throughout. There is only one rule: anything goes.

A few minutes later, Randy has set up a laptop in front of the couch, informing Claire that the stream is ready to begin. They will hear the requests from their friends in the form of a computerized voice. The livestream begins, and as Randy and Claire get their first anonymous requests, it instantly becomes clear that they will be having sex on the livestream. Following the anonymous requests, Claire and Randy kiss, then get undressed. The next request is for Claire to suck Randy's cock, and the requests just get raunchier from there. Claire and Randy seem to be enjoying themselves, but will this make things awkward with their friends afterwards?

Amazing sex
devilsfilm: Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Harley King, Sia Lust & Charles Dera - Harley King, Sia Lust, Charles Dera
Harley King and Sia Lust are close friends. As they relax in Sia's beautiful hot tub, they recall the sexy fun they recently had with their neighbor, Charles Dera...

It all started when they invited Charles to hang out with them in the hot tub, and he asked them about their friendship. Harley told him that she and Sia love to swap huge loads of cum. Naturally, Charles became curious, and asked them if they would be able to get a big load out of him. Harley asked if he's sure he can handle two girls, and Charles gladly accepted the challenge, pulling out his cock.

The two girls eagerly gave him a shared blowjob, then let him fuck the both of them, until Charles came in Harley's mouth so she could have a sexy cum swapping session with Sia. No wonder this is such a fond memory for them!

Amazing sex
mommysgirl: I'm Always Here For You, Sweetie, Scene #01 - Chloe Cherry, Kayla Paige
Kayla Paige welcomes her stepdaughter, Chloe Cherry, who will be staying with her for a week. Kayla is looking forward to having lots of fun with her, however Chloe seems sad and withdrawn. Kayla becomes concerned and asks what's wrong, but Chloe doesn't seem to be in the mood for talking much, and goes to lie down.

Later that day, Chloe is still lying on her bed, looking dejected. Kayla appears with a plate of Chloe's favorite cookies in an attempt to help her feel better, but it doesn't work. Chloe finally reveals that her girlfriend recently broke up with her, making Kayla realize that it's going to take more than cookies to cheer her up. The next day, Chloe is lying on the couch, still looking miserable. Kayla is desperate to improve her mood, and offers to take her on a shopping spree. But Chloe replies that she doesn't feel like doing anything right now.

The next day, Chloe is lying on her bed again, still depressed. Kayla comes in to talk to her, and Chloe confesses that the breakup has left her feeling undesired. Kayla assures Chloe that she's very desirable, realizing that right now Chloe needs LOVE to feel better, not cookies or shopping sprees. She kisses Chloe, and lets Chloe sucks on her breasts. Then she licks at Chloe's pussy, showing that she'll do whatever she can to give Chloe lots of love and attention!

Amazing sex
roccosiffredi: Castings - Lady Dee, Scene #01 - Lady Dee, Rocco Siffredi
Small Tits, Fingering, Asian, Facesitting, Interracial, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big Dick, Black Hair, Gonzo, Foot Fetish, straight, open mouth facial, rimming, pussy eating

Amazing sex
devilsfilm: It's Okay, She's My Stepsister #07 - Skylar Vox & Billy Boston - Skylar Vox, Billy Boston
Skylar Vox is relaxing on the couch, unaware that her stepbrother Billy Boston is jerking off while looking at her. He uses his phone to take a photo of his dick while including Skylar in the picture, then sneaks away as he sends her the photo. When Skylar sees the photo of a dick in the foreground while SHE'S in the background, she realizes what happened and confronts Billy.

Billy thinks that what he did is a hilarious prank, but Skylar isn't laughing. In fact, she suggests that maybe she'll show the photo to their parents! Billy doesn't want THAT to happen, so he tries to calm Skylar by complimenting her, saying that she's really hot. Skylar is amused, and tells him to jerk off in front of her. When Billy hesitates, she shows him her breasts to provide some inspiration.

Billy gladly jerks off in front of Skylar, and then she lets him eat out her pussy and fuck her. Looks like she's not angry about the photo anymore!

Amazing sex
21naturals: Rooftop Romance, Scene #01 - Sharon White, Vince Karter
After deep sensual kissing on the roof, Sharon White and Vince Karter make their way downstairs. Sharon pulls out his hard cock for Sharon to suck and lick. She bends over spreading her ass for deep anal penetration. She takes every inch of his cock in her ass moaning in pleasure before enjoying the taste of hot cum. Romance was never sweeter.

Amazing sex
webyoung: A New Sitter In Town, Scene #01 - Gizelle Blanco, Jane Rogers, Haley Spades
Haley Spades, a babysitter, is babysitting when she is visited by Jane Rogers and Gizelle Blanco, who are also babysitters. Jane and Gizelle are NOT HAPPY and invite themselves inside to talk. They are rivals worried about competition, claiming that Haley is poaching their clients. They want Haley to STOP babysitting in the area.

But Haley isn't fazed at all by their presence. Instead, she becomes inspired and subtly starts pitting Jane and Gizelle against each other. That's when Jane and Gizelle start bickering, each claiming to be the better babysitter. The more they bicker, the more Haley fuels the flames!

The mounting tension eventually leads to Jane and Gizelle getting into a catfight and tearing each other's clothes. At the sight of two sexy ladies ripping their clothes off, caught up in the heat of the moment, Haley becomes aroused. Pleasantly surprised by the escalation, she encourages Jane and Gizelle to kiss since it's OBVIOUS they have some TENSION to work out. Of course, once Jane and Gizelle FINALLY catch onto what Haley's doing, they say that they'll let her join IF she gets off their turf!

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