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Best porn movie
21sextury: Hand In Hand, Scene #01 - Alexis Crystal, Zlata Shine
Naughty Alexis Crystal and Zlata Shine share a playful and intimate time outside. This quickly turns into steamy lesbian sex on a picnic blanket. Each girl takes turns licking and sucking on each others wet pussies. These girls moan in pleasure and leave one another utterly satisfied.

Best porn movie
roccosiffredi: The Spanish Stallion: Shalina Devine's True Power of Sex - Episode 3 - Eve Sweet, Sonya Blaze
Brunette, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Fingering, Toys, Facesitting, Ass, Lesbian, caucasian, rimming, pussy eating

Best porn movie
devilsfilm: My Secret Transgressions #03 - Crystal Thayer & Joel Someone - Joel Someone, Crystal Thayer
Crystal Thayer is lying on a couch texting with a friend. As they chat, it becomes clear that Crystal is at the home of her lover, Joel Someone. Joel is a married man and Crystal's friend warns her to be careful. At that moment, Joel walks in, greeting Crystal.

Crystal seems sad for a moment, telling Joel that she wishes they didn't have to sneak around. Joel doesn't have an easy answer for Crystal, instead leaning in and kissing her. Crystal gasps, their chemistry strong. Joel caresses Crystal's perfect body, his hand wandering down to her hard cock.

Their relationship may be a secret, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun...

Best porn movie
transfixed: Fairy Mischief, Scene #01 - Bunny Colby, Lena Moon
A beautiful fairy, Bunny Colby, sneaks into a cottage garden to spread her magic fairy dust and cause a bit of mischief. But as she sneaks around and does some harmless pranks, like turning the water in the garden fountain pink, she realizes it's not so fun doing this alone. That's when she magically summons her gorgeous fairy friend, Lena Moon. Now they can cause double the trouble!

They continue using their magic fairy dust to cause playful mayhem around the garden, like leaving the garden gnomes in suggestive positions and changing one flower pot into another. It's all fun and games until Bunny decides that they should go inside the cottage and see what other kind of mischief they can get into... Although Lena is a little less sure, since they could get caught by a human, she soon bravely follows Bunny inside.

Of course, as soon as they find the master bedroom and see the large, luxurious bed, Lena only has ONE thing on her mind. Let the REAL magic begin!

Best porn movie
puretaboo: Fond Memories, Scene #01 - Lacy Lennon, Tommy Pistol

Ryan (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan's home and looking forward to meeting his surviving parent, Nate (Tommy Pistol), seeing it as the next step in their relationship. Ryan is also looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. Before entering the house, Ryan inspects Lydia's hair and adjusts it slightly. She recently had it styled at Ryan's suggestion, and he seems oddly concerned with making sure it looks perfect.

When Ryan and Lydia enter the house, they see Nate, who looks a bit melancholy as he plays the piano. After Ryan introduces Lydia and Nate to each other, Nate comments that Lydia looks familiar, but Lydia says they've never met before. She then asks Nate to continue playing the piano, saying the music sounds beautiful. Nate continues playing, but sadly explains that his late wife was much better at piano than he is. Lydia is delighted with Nate's playing anyway, sitting beside him for a bit. Something about Lydia's presence seems to cheer up Nate a bit, and he even smiles.

Ryan then tells Lydia he has a surprise for her, and leads her to another room, where a gift is waiting for her. The gift turns out to be new shoes and even a pretty dress, which Ryan had custom made for her. Once Lydia has changed into the new outfit, Ryan examines her appearance, adjusting her hair before saying she looks wonderful. Lydia is thrilled with the new clothes, and tells Ryan she's grateful to have him in her life, especially since she never thought she'd be happy again after someone in her family died. Ryan compares her situation to his own family's situation, then says they should go show Nate how beautiful she looks.

When Ryan and Lydia go back into the living room, Nate is stunned. It turns out that with her new hairstyle and clothes, Lydia looks just like Nate's late wife Megan did when she was younger. Lydia is confused and upset by this revelation, demanding that Ryan explain himself. Ryan tells Lydia that Nate has been lonely and distraught ever since Megan died. So when Ryan found someone (Lydia) who looks like Megan, he pretended to be interested in dating her, to prepare her as a gift for Nate.

Lydia is angry that her relationship with Ryan was a lie, and begins to leave. But Ryan reminds her of how much death has hurt her own family, saying that Nate is in the same position right now. Lydia can't help but feel sympathy for Nate, and Ryan slips away so Lydia and Nate can be alone. Nate calls Lydia 'Megan', as he talks about how much he loves her and misses her, gaining more and more of Lydia's compassion as she thinks about the tragedy in her own family. By the time Nate asks Lydia if he can touch her and kiss her, Lydia says yes, exactly as Ryan planned...

Best porn movie
devilsfilm: Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Charly Summer, Jane Wilde & Seth Gamble - Jane Wilde, Charly Summer, Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble is talking to his friend Jane Wilde about his sex life. He says that his girlfriend Charly Summer likes it when he cums on her face, or in her pussy, or on her ass, but she never lets him cum in her mouth. Jane suggests that maybe Charly is just afraid to try having cum in her mouth, so if she had a friend to do it with her, she wouldn't be afraid anymore. Naturally, Jane is more than happy to be that friend! Seth decides that it's worth a try.

Later on, before the threesome begins, Charly admits to Jane that she's worried this will make things weird afterwards. But Jane assures Charly that she and Seth are just friends, so she's not trying to steal Charly's boyfriend. She's just here to taste the cum! Charly is surprised at Jane's explanation... does cum really taste THAT good?

Once Seth enters the room, it's time for the fun to begin. The two pretty ladies suck on his cock and balls, then take turns getting fucked by him. With Jane's help, Charly has so much fun that she's definitely not afraid to taste Seth's cum anymore, so she eagerly tries cum swapping with Jane!

Best porn movie
21sextury: Bare Temptation, Scene #01 - Kaisa Nord, Thomas Stone, Kristof Cale
Gorgeous beauty Kaisa Nord desires both her tight holes filled by Kristof Cale and Thomas Stone. She gets on her knees and grabs both their big cocks to suck. Then Kaisa offers her pussy and ass for a deep DP pleasure. Kaisa opens wide to enjoy their tasty cum load.

Best porn movie
21sextury: Farewell Work, Hello Pleasure, Scene #01 - Angelica Heart, Raul Costa
After a hard day of work, Angelica Heart has only one thing on her mind: sex! That's why she calls her lover Raul Costa to fuck that toned ass of hers.

Best porn movie
roccosiffredi: Castings - Anna P's Solo, Scene #01 - Anna P
Blonde, Masturbation, Small Tits, Fingering, Teen, Toys, Petite, Gonzo, straight, caucasian

Best porn movie
nurumassage: Rental Disagreement, Scene #01 - Gia Derza, Evan Stone
Gia Derza is visited by her landlord, Evan Stone. They're friendly towards each other, but Evan firmly says they need to talk. Evan tells Gia that he suspects she's running a business from her apartment, which goes against the terms of her lease. Gia admits that she offers NURU massage services from the apartment, and Evan tells her she has to stop or risk being evicted. Gia gets flirty and tries to sweet talk him into letting her continue the business, but Evan isn't convinced. However, there are hints of attraction from Evan.

Gia then changes tactics and sweet talks him into accepting a massage to de-stress. Evan is hesitant but is eventually talked into it, unable to resist Gia. She becomes more flirty as she says that they have to undress for the massage, because they wouldn't want to get NURU gel all over their clothes. Evan is obviously attracted to her and does so, while she strips down as well. Evan then lies down on the massage mattress, and Gia massages his back.

Gia then asks Evan to turn over so she can massage his front, and he becomes aroused. She jumps on this opportunity to win him over, sucking on his cock and rubbing her breasts against him, and he enjoys every minute of it. As he eagerly pounds his cock into her, it becomes clear that Gia's not going to be evicted after all!

Best porn movie
devilsfilm: It's Okay, She's My Stepsister #07 - Avery Jane & Will Tile - Avery Jane, Will Tile
Avery Jane is relaxing by the pool in her bikini when her stepbrother, Will Tile, comes up to her and says that he has friends coming over. He doesn't want Avery hanging around in a skimpy bathing suit while his friends are here, because they're perverts. The LAST thing he wants is for his buddies to be lusting after his stepsister!

Avery replies that Will is overprotective... it's like he doesn't want her to be with any man at all. She tells him that if he thinks no man is good enough for her, then maybe HE should fuck her instead. Will acts shocked, and walks away from the conversation.

Later that day, after Will's friends have left, Avery finds Will resting on his bed. She confesses that she thinks Will is hot and that she really does want to fuck him... and she can see from the hard-on in his shorts that he's attracted to her as well. She kisses him and sucks on his cock, then lets him lick her pussy and pound his cock into her. Looks like they're both finally getting what they REALLY want!

Best porn movie
roccosiffredi: The Spanish Stallion: Shalina Devine's True Power of Sex - Episode 2 - Shalina Devine, Maximo Garcia
Blonde, Big Tits, Anal, Fingering, Milf, Squirt, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big Dick, Ass, straight, caucasian, open mouth facial, rimming

Best porn movie
roccosiffredi: Castings - Veronica Clark, Scene #01 - Veronica Clark, Rocco Siffredi
Brunette, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big Dick, Ass, Fetish, Gonzo, Foot Fetish, straight, caucasian, gape, open mouth facial, rimming, pussy eating

Best porn movie
devilsfilm: Trans Swingers - Janie Blade & Dillon Diaz - Dillon Diaz, Janie Blade
Janie Blade and Dillon Diaz are both swingers and have been swapped together by their spouses for some wild fun! As they let go of all their reservations, they get to enjoy the thrill of someone new -- all while knowing that their spouses approve. What more can anyone ask for??

Best porn movie
puretaboo: Like What You See?, Scene #01 - Mona Wales, Mike Mancini, Davon Drake

A wholesome family is getting ready to have dinner together. Timothy (Davon Drake) is a friend of the family's son, Max, and is staying over that night. Max's parents, Natasha (Mona Wales) and Cyrus (Mike Mancini), are happy to have Timothy over, always enjoying seeing Max's friends.

But as the dinner continues, it seems Timothy is particularly drawn to Natasha... And is it his imagination or is Natasha being a bit flirty with him that night? It seems like everyone else is oblivious to it, so surely it has to be all in Timothy's head.

Later that night, Timothy's unable to get any shut-eye. As he gets up to shake off the restlessness, he hears sounds coming from a nearby room. His curiosity gets the best of him as he creeps down the hallway and opens the door, peeking inside the room. To his surprise, he catches Natasha and Cyrus having sex!

Timothy stares a moment too long and is caught by Cyrus. But instead of being mad, the adventurous couple invites Timothy to join them. Natasha just can't get enough cock, so Cyrus could use a bit of extra help...

Best porn movie
devilsfilm: Cuck 'Em While They're Young - Sophia Leone & Danny Mountain - Sophia Leone, Danny Mountain
Sophia Leone is lying in bed with her boyfriend Ricky Spanish. They've just finished having sex. Ricky seems very satisfied, but it's quite the opposite for Sophia, who is NOT happy with Ricky's performance.

Sophia's had enough and, sighing with annoyance, texts Danny Mountain to come over. Danny arrives shortly after, walking into the bedroom and brazenly kissing Sophia right in front of Ricky. Ricky can't believe what he's seeing, stammering in shock, but Sophia insists that Ricky watch every second of what's about to happen. Maybe then, he'll learn how to fuck her right.

This will DEFINITELY be a learning experience for Ricky...

Best porn movie
roccosiffredi: Castings - Mary Kalisy, Scene #01 - Mary Kalisy, Rocco Siffredi
Blonde, Hardcore, Small Tits, Fingering, Facial, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Big Dick, Fetish, Foot Fetish, rimming, pussy eating

Best porn movie
21naturals: Love is a Game, Scene #01 - Macarena Lewis, Kristof Cale
Spanish babe Macarena Lewis loves to have fun! She plays games with Kristof Cale where the goal is to catch her and enjoy hot anal sex.

Best porn movie
webyoung: Multiplication Tables, Scene #01 - Haley Reed, Liz Jordan
A teen, Liz Jordan, and her parent, Silvia Saige, are waiting for Liz's tutor, Haley Reed, to show up. Silvia isn't happy about Liz's grades lately and is considering getting another tutor. Ever since Haley's been around, Liz's grades have actually been getting WORSE! But when Liz begs for Haley to be given another chance, Silvia gives in.

Haley soon arrives, greeting them pleasantly, and Silvia leaves them to it. Of course, as soon as Silvia steps out of the room, Liz and Haley are instantly frisky -- no WONDER they're not getting any studying done! But as they sneakily eat each other out beneath the table, they have to avoid being caught by Silvia, who keeps checking back on them. But once Silvia's gone to run an errand, the teens can finally let loose. Although they may not get an A in math, they certainly get an A for effort!

Best porn movie
nurumassage: Business Venture Adventure, Scene #01 - Casey Calvert, Derrick Pierce
A husband and wife, Derrick Pierce and Casey Calvert, have recently come into some money because of an inheritance from a family member. It's not enough money to retire, but it's still a very nice amount, so they wonder what they should do with it. Derrick suggests that they start their own business, which Casey thinks is a great idea. They can be their own bosses, and make the money grow.

They try to decide what kind of business they should open. Casey suggests a coffee shop, but Derrick points out that there are so many coffee shops out there already. Derrick jokingly remarks that Casey is good at giving him massages, so maybe they should open a massage parlor. They laugh it off, but then start to seriously consider it, especially since they could make their parlor really stand out by having Casey give NURU massages.

Feeling energized and affectionate, they decide to do a 'test run' NURU massage, which is just an excuse for them to get frisky. They lovingly kiss, and then Casey sets up the massage mattress and a bowl of NURU gel. They happily undress each other, and then Casey slowly and sensually massages Derrick, as they gradually become more confident about their business idea. Feeling celebratory, the massage turns sexual, with Casey sucking and riding Derrick's cock, and Derrick eating out her pussy. It's a happy ending to celebrate their new beginning!

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